Thou art an agatering dewberry!

Shakespeare is a Discord bot made by @minx28 whose core purpose is to insult people in Shakespearean English.

Shakespeare is running on 0 servers with a combined total of 100000 users

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Daily Sonnet: XLI
That thou hast her it is not all my grief,
And yet it may be said I loved her dearly;
That she hath thee is of my wailing chief,
A loss in love that touches me more nearly.
Loving offenders thus I will excuse ye:
Thou dost love her, because thou know'st I love her;
And for my sake even so doth she abuse me,
Suffering my friend for my sake to approve her.
If I lose thee, my loss is my love's gain,
And losing her, my friend hath found that loss;
Both find each other, and I lose both twain,
And both for my sake lay on me this cross:
But here's the joy; my friend and I are one;
Sweet flattery! then she loves but me alone.

API Docs

Shakespeare Help List

==help Shows this helplist
==scene [play abbreviation] [act number] [scene number] Shows the specified scene, split into pages - use reactions to change page
[play abbreviation] must be a valid abbreviation
==list Shows a list of all the plays and their abbreviations
==insult [person/thing] Insults [person/thing] with a randomly generated insult
If [person/thing] is omitted, you get insulted instead
Voters' insults can contain up to 3 adjectives, non-voters maximum 1
==combinations Shows the number of different random insults available
==info Shows info about the bot
==invite DMs you an invite link for the bot
==servers DMs you a list of Shakespeare's 10 biggest servers
Only shows the names of servers you are in
==vote Shows a link where you can vote for Shakespeare
==votereminders Toggles whether or not you are DMed 12 hours after voting to tell you that you can vote again
==sonnet [number] Shows you the specified sonnet
If [number] is omitted, shows a random sonnet
==to be or not to be, that is the question Voters only!
Find out for yourself!
==insulteth [person/thing] Voters only!
Like the insult command, but instead of randomly generated insults, uses an insult which is a direct quote from one of Shakespeare's plays
==nou Voters only!
Is it not self-explanatory?
==prefix [prefix] You must have the Manage Server permission to do this
Changes the prefix for this server
==help also always shows the help command, whatever the prefix is
==dailysonnet Shows the daily sonnet

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