Thy father is a half-faced whey-face!

Shakespeare is a Discord bot made by @minx28 whose core purpose is to insult people in Shakespearean English.

Shakespeare is running on 435 servers with a combined total of 122196 users

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Daily Sonnet: LV
Sweet love, renew thy force; be it not said
Thy edge should blunter be than appetite,
Which but to-day by feeding is allayed,
To-morrow sharpened in his former might:
So, love, be thou, although to-day thou fill
Thy hungry eyes, even till they wink with fulness,
To-morrow see again, and do not kill
The spirit of love, with a perpetual dulness.
Let this sad interim like the ocean be
Which parts the shore, where two contracted new
Come daily to the banks, that when they see
Return of love, more blest may be the view;
As call it winter, which being full of care,
Makes summer's welcome, thrice more wished, more rare.

API Docs

Shakespeare Help List

==help Shows this helplist
==scene [play abbreviation] [act number] [scene number] Shows the specified scene, split into pages - use reactions to change page
[play abbreviation] must be a valid abbreviation
==list Shows a list of all the plays and their abbreviations
==insult [person/thing] Insults [person/thing] with a randomly generated insult
If [person/thing] is omitted, you get insulted instead
Voters' insults can contain up to 3 adjectives, non-voters maximum 1
==combinations Shows the number of different random insults available
==info Shows info about the bot
==invite DMs you an invite link for the bot
==servers DMs you a list of Shakespeare's 10 biggest servers
Only shows the names of servers you are in
==vote Shows a link where you can vote for Shakespeare
==votereminders Toggles whether or not you are DMed 12 hours after voting to tell you that you can vote again
==sonnet [number] Shows you the specified sonnet
If [number] is omitted, shows a random sonnet
==to be or not to be, that is the question Voters only!
Find out for yourself!
==insulteth [person/thing] Voters only!
Like the insult command, but instead of randomly generated insults, uses an insult which is a direct quote from one of Shakespeare's plays
==nou Voters only!
Is it not self-explanatory?
==prefix [prefix] You must have the Manage Server permission to do this
Changes the prefix for this server
==help also always shows the help command, whatever the prefix is
==dailysonnet Shows the daily sonnet

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